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Website Designing

Website designing is not limited to sites hosted on the Amber Creek Network, but also for sites under a separate domain and hosted elsewhere.

Please email your website specification and/or ideas to our Web Designer for a quote.


The following web sites were created by Amber Creek Web Design:


Orange Empire Dog Club

American Belgian Laekenois Association

Middle Earth Belgians

Belgique Boutique

Debt Counselor

World of Pillows*

*NOTE: Effective immediately,
World of Pillows has temporarily stopped taking any new orders.
We apologize, for any inconvenience.

Maka Chinese Shar-Pei

Lynmark Dog Training Center

Belgian Tervuren by du Parc Roux-Sel

Belgian Shepherd Rescue and Rehome Lists

S.O.S. Belgian Fund

Showcase Belgian Tervuren

[Line of Rocks]
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